The View // Christmas time in Hull...

05 January 11

Posted at 8:06


Went to shoot The View in Hull for the NME just before Christmas. It was a bit of an adventure for the writer Hayley and myself since it had been snowing pretty heavily that week and the drive out to Hull from Leeds is pretty bleak at the best of times! The band were very nice chaps who shared their Domino's pizza with me.


I had major lens sweat issue's this gig!!! It was pretty much minus 10 outside and as soon as I got into the tiny little pit and the crowd started going mental the heat was ridiculous. I tried everything, swapping lenses, wiping and wiping, hugging my camera desperately to try and warm it up - finally about two songs before the end they cleared - phew! Not the easiest band to shoot really, Kyle the singer tends to just kind of stand around with his hair flopped down in front of his face. Anyway got a few in the end.


Getting into the festive spirit Hull-style.

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