Vicki // Portrait // Old Bluey!

06 January 11

Posted at 6:37

Vicki J

Did a fun little shoot with Vicki a couple of days ago. We shot, amongst other things, head shots for her acting portfolio. After we'd done shots on the more tradition black and then white backgrounds we decided to go blue!! I never get use the blue paper for anything - bit of a stupid purchase to be honest - but its always there for a bit of fun. Anyway, I'm quite happy with the blue ones seems to work quite well with Vicki's raaaather striking red hair!

We had loads of fun doing these and Vicki educated me on a whole host of things including some amazing idea's for 'comedy' acting portfolio's, the country of Poland and how I can go about starting my career in musical theatre! Also have to say thanks for the huge bottle of Vodka she very kindly gave me! Me x Vodka x Musical Theatre = UH OH!!!!


Old bluey!!! 

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