Chlöe Howl / Marie Claire

05 March 14

Posted at 5:24


Chlöe Howl feature with another image from the press shoot I did at the end of last year in Marie Claire this month.


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The sex shop had a nice atmosphere, dim lights and no one but 2 male salespeople. The room was divided into several thematic parts. The first had only sex toys, the second was all for role-playing, and the third was erotic lingerie. Walked and looked. Not to say that he was very shy, but he still experienced a certain tension.
For the first time I took a few toys:
1. A simple vagina (masturbator). It was unpleasant to use without a condom (albeit with lubrication) due to the hard internal relief. If with a condom, then everything is fine. But the orgasm came too fast, so it wasn’t very interesting. In general, it felt no different from the usual strong hand grip on the cock.
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5. Then came a small anal dildo on a suction cup – thin, curved, hard, with a relief head. I’ve had a lot of fun with him. I attached it on the table, and on the wall in the bathroom, and in the position of a rider in bed … Most of all I liked to sit on it and sway at a slow pace for 20-30 minutes (without touching the penis). I liked it more than the orgasm itself.
6. There were also several prostate massagers. Moreover, both very inexpensive and top … Advertising, as always, lied – not a single such massager can replace a living finger. There is something to compare with in this regard … It’s nice, of course, and there weren’t any massagers, but it didn’t work out from them (without penis stimulation). But from the female finger finished.
7. There were anal beads and chains. Also amusing toys, but completely useless. Compared to vibrators, it’s somehow completely uninteresting.
8. Realistic vagina (masturbator) also turned out to be a complete marketing bullshit. And it doesn’t even look like real sex. Don’t get fooled!
After 2-3 years of experiments, I realized that I was wasting my money. Not that I really regret it, after all, this is a certain sexual experience, but I realized one thing – in my relationship, these things are clearly superfluous. In sex, I like to caress, touch, hug, talk… And all these toys simply distract and interfere. You’re shifting responsibility from your hands and dick to a piece of plastic. So uninteresting…
When there was no sex for more than a year, there was no desire to take up toys again. More interested in relaxing and erotic massage. Not all sorts of salons, but personal acquaintances. It is much more pleasant to spend time with a living person than with a piece of plastic. Then for some time there was an opportunity to practice erotic massage. After that, I realized that sex toys are something so primitive compared to what you can do with your own hands, that this is really what is called “the industry is fed.” But “experience is the son of difficult mistakes”, and apparently it was necessary to go through this in order to understand. Not a penny of the sex industry! A living person is everything. Plastic is nothing.

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