Andorra Trip // Snowboxx

30 March 13

Posted at 3:00

Just got back from a fabulous week in Andorra, went to a cool little festival called Snowboxx. I wasn't out there working but I did take my camera and take a few snaps between partying and learning to fall down a mountain on a snowboard. So here are a few shots from that!

Tounge Girls

Roses Gabour

Window Girls

Ciscos Bar

Happy guy


Wide Crowd

Smiley girl

Funky dancing girl

Tounge Guy

Snowboxx DJ

Lots of thanks and love to Aden and Rob for putting on such an amazingly fun week. And big 'HIYA!' to the KC roadtrip crew, Jamie, Si, Andy, Mr Boone and the always outrageous Mark Abbott. 

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