Boomtown Fair 2013

17 August 13

Posted at 11:52

1) Boomtown

Last weekend I ran the staff photography team at Boomtown Fair. Never been there before and was absolutely blown away, there's no other festival quite like Boomtown, it's astounding. Those people who were there know what I mean and those who weren't can't really imagine! 

2) Boomtown

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Big thanks to Anna 'Nerdbasher' Wade, we love you Anna! And to Lak for having us and having the vision to put on such a MENTAL festival. Also huge thanks to Gwen at Boomtique and Steph in accounts for all your help. And to my photographers Stefy Pocket, Hannah Cordingley, Ian Taylor, Scott Salt and Daisy B. And to Charlotte for being my buddy. And to James RD for being the ultimate vanman. And Hi to Pauly Wally and Bartron, you were sorely missed - next year! And finally Hi to Boone, Mike, Jake and all the rest of Slamboree for putting on such a fruity show!

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