On The Road With Enter Shikari // NME

25 April 13

Posted at 9:55


Another mini NME adventure with Enter Shikari, this time for their small towns tour. 

1) Cafe

This time we started in a weird cafe full of old ladies in New Brighton for their show at The Floral Pavillion.

2) Ice Creams

Then out and about. Just like Reservoir Dogs but with ice creams.

3) Dog

Then we made friends with a real dog on the beach.

4) Monkey

Monkey at soundcheck (get back to work you).


Rob and Chris having Mexican for tea.

Rou Setlist

Rou sorting the setlist.


Someone wasn't happy with this.

8) Walk


9) NB

New Brighton


New Brighton

12) NB

New Brighton

14) NB

New Brighton


New Brighton

16) NB

Ah the ladder.

17) NB

New Brighton


New Brighton

19) Spiderman

Signing Spiderman's belly.

20) Tattoo

This cuuurraaaazy fan had all the bands signatures tattooed on his arm!?!

21) backstage

Backstage in Kilmarnock


How to do your washing on the road.

23) Outside

Love hanging around with these guys. Mainly because they are all obsessed with South Park and Arrested Development. We have a lot of important things to discuss.




Words fail me here.

26) Beer

Shikari beer. It's soooo nice, citrusy. Need to get my hands on more of this.

27) Fans


29) Kilm




30) Shoe


31) Kilm


32) Kilm


33) Kilm


34) Tyre


35) Kilm


36) Chris


37) Dressing room

Subtle product placement.


Clean up.

39) Cuc

Job done. If you'd like to read a proper review of these shows, written by someone who can speak and write proper English go grab a copy of this weeks NME and read the review by Mr Al Horner!


Again I'd like to say massive thanks to the legend that is Mr Keith Reynolds, always such a pleasure to work with. Big up's Rory, Rob, Rou, Chris, Ian, Monkey and all the other crew (I can't remember all your names so I won't try). See you all soon! 







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