Mark E Smith // NME 60th Birthday Issue

27 September 12

Posted at 12:53


Here's a shot from the first time I met Mark E Smith, it was for the NME 60th Birthday issue which is out this week and is well worth a look. In this shot Mr Smith is posing with an actual copy of his first cover issue from 14th November 1981, I have to say big thank you to my friend Paul Lynch without who's detective work I very much doubt I'd have been able to source an original copy. Mark took the issue with him after the shoot so it may hold a treasured place in his home somewhere (or be in a litter bin in the middle of Picadilly in Manchester). Anyway Mr Smith was an absolutley lovely chap and made many attempts to ply myself and my girlfriend with booze, genuinely enjoyed chatting to him and have bizarrely ended up being in contact since.

Anyway go get NME's 60th to read all the old cover interviews. Always been very proud to work for the NME over the last 4 years and have met loads of good friends there, so happy birthday NME.

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