Louise // Gothenburg

06 September 12

Posted at 12:36


I wanted to blog this pic just because I really love it and there's a nice little story to it. This shot is of the awesome Louise Brailey who is an NME writer that I recently went on a trip to Sweden with. We were staying in a huge hotel called the Clarion Post in the centre of Gothenburg as were, by bizarre coinsidence, the whole Barcenlona FC football team. On the first day as we left the hotel via the huge revolving doors we were unexpectedly greeted by a huge crowd of kids and football fans who were expecting to see the Barcelona team, they all started cheering and screaming and we had to walk down a red carpet though the centre of them. It was really sureal and I thought wow this would make an ace photo, unfortunately I only had my 85mm on my camera. I couldn't really fit the whole scene in but I quickly took a few shots anyway and this was one of them. Louise is such a kindly soul with a wicked sense of humour and we had such a laugh on this trip with a great bunch of people, this shot's a nice little memory. So there you go.. 


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