Ridings // Rebranding Campaign

04 May 12

Posted at 9:54


Again something completely different from the usual music posts. Last year I spent quite a bit of time working on different projects as part to the rebanding campaign for the Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield.

Blue Ridings

The Heart Of Wakefield campaign focused a lot on the staff of the Ridings in all different shops, which was cool cause I got to go around and meet all sorts of people doing different jobs.


Aaaand we did the Christmas campaign! Make-up skills supplied by my super little buddy Miss Nadine Jane.


It's a bit different to what I usually do but I really enjoyed the change of pace, also working with Vicky the Marketing Manager for the centre. Also it's really, really cool seeing your pics blown up HUGE!!!! Part of the campaign was on the sides of buses in Leeds and Wakefield too for a while - I saw one once and chased after it trying to take a pic with my phone but it drove off too fast and I just looked like a mental. 



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