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10 May 11

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The NME are running a competition to highlight some of Britain's best small venues so I thought I'd put together a photo blog for my favourite small venue. Which like pretty much everyone else in Leeds is the Brudenell Social Club in Hyde Park, Leeds. My music photography career pretty much began at Brudenell, might not have been doing this had Brudenell not been virtually on my doorstep when I got my first camera. Here are some of my fave Brudenell pics...

Cribs - Brud

Ryan Jarman performing on the last date of 'Cribsmas' a couple of years ago. One of my fave shots ever, taken on my old 400d - shows that you really can get pretty stunning results with an entry level SLR. The photographer in the shot is Q's Mick Hutson his shot (with me in it!) was published in the mag shortly after (below). Universal Music bought my shots off me for the Artwork of DVD release of the shows which I've always been dead proud of. Very special things happen at Brudenell!


Remember when you could go and see Pulled Apart By Horses and there wasn't 50 other photographers creating the first 3 rows of the crowd? Well it happened once upon a time at the Brude...


Always been a tricky venue to shoot without flash, but here's one of my fave non-flash shots. It's of a local chap called Paul Marshall (Now performing as Lone Wolf) singing away at something or other...

Paul Marsh- Brud

Nathan and Pat who run the Brude have always been extremely kind to me, as well as letting me sneak in to take pics when I was a poor student, they've often let me set up a make shift studio at Brudenell when it's empty. Which has always been really useful and helped me out of a tight spot, so I've done loads of Band shoots down there too. Here's a shot of Eureka Machines in the games room shortly after we shot that lightbulb image... We literally tried this 50 times to get the dart in the right place!...

EM - Brude   

Lots of other photographers have used Brudenell over the years of course, here's a shot of Danny North with the Pigeon Detectives, Will Barnes and Hayley from Front and myself after one of Danny's Front fashion shoots... I can't remember but I think Nathan took this pic?...

Pigs - Brude

Here's a more recent shot of Miles Kane and his band I took for an NME On The Road, seconds before they went on stage to play a sold out show, having a goooood time at Brude...

Miles - Brude

Visiting Manchester Brew Record-sters Kong shortly before smashing everything up on the floor of the gig room...

Kong- Brud

A few people will also remember that both myself and my girlfriend Charlotte worked behind the bar a Brudenell for a while - Nathan and Pat took pity on us as wretchedly poor students and gave us jobs! Here's a shot of someone slightly more famous working the bar at Brude again taken from the infamous Cribsmas dates...

Gary Jarm - Brude

Another of my favorite Cribsmas shots is this (below) of Ryan Jarman peeking out at Celeb GF Kate Nash during her opening set... And that all too famous wall in the background! 

Kate Nash - Brude

Another very familiar sight... Out front. Leeds guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm poses for a quick photo before nipping in for a pint...

Gomm Brude

Now here's a weird shot... Pulled Apart By Horses' James Brown and Ben NCM having what looks like a pretty un-clean boxing match/fight... The ref looks to me like one time Vibrations Magazine Editor and Loqui front man Rob Paul Chapman... but I can't remember (maybe someone can clarify?!)... lots of very familiar Leeds faces looking on in horror/delight from the crowd too!

Fight - Brude 

Anyway lot's of very special things happen at Brudenell Social Club (I'm From Barcelona -  image below) and it has been the setting from many a magical evening in Leeds, we are very lucky to have such a special place run by genuine and kind people. PLEASE VOTE FOR BRUDENELL OR YOUR OWN FAVOURITE SMALL VENUE HERE voting ends tomorrow so do it now!!

I'm From - Brude

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