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03 March 11

Posted at 7:07

It feels a bit like the end of an era for me. For the best part of the last four years I have been the Photography Editor of Vibrations Magazine in Leeds. Vibrations is a free community fanzine that is held in very high acclaim by the Leeds music scene and I have always been very proud to be involved with it. I've dug out a few of my favourite bits that I've shot for the mag from over the last few years... like this (below)... Napoleon lllrd Cover from  Jan 2008 probably my personal favourite Vibes cover that I've shot. 


Vibrations has always been free and not for profit but volunteering with the mag has been invaluable to me and my career. I can sincerely say that I would not be doing what I am today without the experience I've gained from doing Vibrations.

I remember really vividly sitting outside The Faversham in Leeds with Danny North one lunchtime in March 2007, having only met Danny a couple of weeks before. For some bizarre reason I remember everything about that meeting (he had a BBQ burger and onion rings, I had a chargrilled chicken burger...), halfway through Danny returned from the bar with a copy of Vibrations. I remember the pantone print colour was bright pink and the issue had Dead Disco (Victoria Little Boots' first band) on the cover. Danny said "Vibrations is looking really strong this issue, why don't you get in touch with them and see if they need any photographers?" So I did.

This Et Al

I started emailing the then editor a chap called Colin who was happy to get me involved and a couple of weeks later I did my first job for the mag which was a feature shoot with This Et Al (above). I cringe a bit when I look at this now - it's a bit cheesy, but not too bad, I suppose, for my first published feature! Sadly This Et Al are no longer together which is a great shame as they were a fantastic band, their album Baby Machine is still one of my favourite albums to have ever come out of Leeds.


Back at the start Vibrations didn't really have any regular photographers so I did an awful lot of the photos myself. Seeing that this was neither healthy for the mag nor my brain I chatted to Colin and we agreed that I would become the 'Photo Editor'. My job would be to find some more photographers and look after the image side of things so that he could concentrate on the writing. Anyway just as the bands came and went so did the Editors and soon a chap called Rob Paul Chapman took over, here's Rob (above) interviewing Melvin Benn at the Festival Republic offices in London, just one of the many adventures I have ended up on in the name of Vibrations.


It was with Rob at the helm and me with a little more experience under my belt that the magazine really started to thrive and captivate local interest. This (above) May 2009 Issue was one of my favourite issues, great content and great design by our then designer Tim Metcalfe who as always sooo relaxed and ace to work with.


Vibrations has always tried to highlight a range of local musicians from new unsigned bands to local success stories like these chaps (Wild Beast, above). The most amazing thing about Vibrations I think is that it exists on nothing other than the enthusiasm and dedication of its (unpaid) editorial staff and it's loyal team of contributors. It is a fully functioning, quality publication that had never had any funding or budget to speak of, a proper community success story that Leeds is lucky to have. Everyone involved from writers to readers should be proud of it's accomplishments.


This is one of my favourite images every to be shot for the mag (Middleman, above). I've been able to meet and work with loads and loads of bands through the mag nearly all of whom I've become and remain friends with to this day. I've also been fortunate to be able to work with the magazines founders and publishers Tony Wilby and Jack Simpson both of who have been hugely influential in helping me define my career and find my feet in the City of Leeds and life in general. I owe them everything and now consider them to be two of my closest friends.


Anyway onwards and upwards. Vibrations has now entered a new chapter with new designers Workshop, new Editor the most excellent Mr Rob 'Bertron' Wright and taking over from me as the Photo Editor Mr Bart 'Bartron' Pettman. I wish them all the best of luck and success in keeping Vibrations strong and healthy for many more years. Peace out bra.  


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Tom Martin | Photographer | Blog | Vibrations Magazine

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