Katy Perry // Manchester Apollo

22 March 11

Posted at 1:44

Katy - Dancer orange

Went to shoot Katy Perry for Global Radio/Capital FM in Manchester at the Apollo last night.

close blue open mouth

Quite a lot of restrictions for photographers so I was up in a balcony for the first 3 songs which was a bit of a change!


The Apollo was absolutely packed out with all sorts of people for this... from grown-ups to little ones...


Katy had a big stage set-up and lots of fruity dancers....

wide dancers

And frilly dresses... there were at least 3 wardrobe changes in the first 3 songs I think...

dark crouched

I'm not really used to shooting music from this far away so I went to hire a super-massive far away lens yesterday. Which I have to thank my mum for... she came to the rescue and hired the lens for me since I have gone and lost my debit card like a total idiot....

close scrunched

Anyway nice to have a change and the luxury of a balcony...

wide singing

So yep... not my usual sort of gig but hey.... You can see a full gallery of Katy's tour with my shots and others on Capital FM's Website. Also got to say a big HIIIIIIIYYYAAAA!!!!!!! to Monica at Global - you are the best onexxx!!!!


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