Interpol // Leeds Academy

29 March 11

Posted at 8:08

Interpol Red First one

Went to shoot Interpol for NME last week at Leeds Academy...

Interpol NME

The reviews out in this weeks issue - words by Kelly Murray. My sister who I don't see very often turned up to watch the gig with her boyfriend so we photographed her and did a quote for the vox pop... so there you go Claire, your famous now.

Blue Wide

Usual Academy lighting issues as expected! Always a pleasure to see Mr Ed Fielding who's very much 'the man' now down at the 02! 

Interpol Red Second

So yeah, it wasn't exactly easy pickings, and there were strange restrictions do with only shooting from the sides of the pit... however you were allowed to swap sides between every song... so Ed and I swapped back and forth like ball boys in tennis.

Hands blue

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