Jodrell Bank Live // The stage goes up!!

29 June 11

Posted at 9:08


I went out to visit the site for Jodrell Bank Live today. Transmission 001 feat The Flaming Lips, British Sea Power and OKGO takes place this Sat (2nd July) and the stage was just starting to go up this aft. 

Side Dish

The dish, which rotates, was facing away from us this afternoon but on the day it will be facing towards the crowd and visuals will be projected onto it to accompany the music.


We had a walk around the whole site with the Production Crew who were getting briefed and all geared up for Saturday. 


I'll be shooting images for the official gallery on Saturday and I'm really excited as it's going to look stunning!!!


The stage looks out onto the Cheshire countryside... The plan is for Transmission 001 to be the first in a series of very special shows, some of the names being that are interested in playing the future shows are truly awesome. Anyway I will post a link to the official gallery as soon as it goes live. You can also follow @JodrellBankLive on twitter for live updates!



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