Good Times With Friends...

28 January 11

Posted at 1:14


Yeah I know, yet another Kendal Calling post blah blah blah... I've been going through the entire archive of what the staff photographers shot last year at Kendal Calling for reasons that are secret at the moment but will become clear late next week I think. Anyway whilst digging around I came across a couple of shots of my friends that I took and actually really like. Too personal to go into the festival gallery. (Above) Joshua 'Jungle' Sheard the singer of The Spirit Of John and his mate Cahill hiding. I've been friends with Josh since secondary school and I love The Spirit Of John dearly, easily two of the most talented musicians I've ever met. This was taken shortly after the SOJ had played a set that was fantastically well received on the Kaylied Stage. Found these guys just chillaxing in the woods near our camping. Jungle is just about to get on the rum which was very much the calm before the storm, great day, great party. I do really love this shot.

(Below) Kara, Ewan and Iona from The 30 Minute Skiffle Hour. Again an amazingly entertaining band that I love and again I've been mates with Ewan since I was about 15. I love the fact that Kara is giving such a scowl - probably because it had just started drizzling - but you can see the beautiful lakes scenery in the background. Ewan's just pissing himself at her discomfort and Iona simply doesn't want anything to do with it. Again such fun memories, it's only January and I literally can't wait to be back up there.




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