A few 'Behind The Scenes' Shots...

25 January 11

Posted at 7:48

I wanted to put together a Photo blog with a bit of a difference this time. I first started taking these kind of wide 'Behind The Scenes' type shots accidentally just to test that the transmitters where all working whilst I was setting up for a shoot. Quickly realized that I quite liked the look of a lot of these shots - it's nice to have a record of the set ups as well as just the final images...


Middleman stripping off in the snow in a field in Guiseley, just outside of Leeds. We only actually shot for about 5 minutes once we'd set up, it was absolutely freezing and the band were nearly in tears!

The Light Streams

The Light Streams wrapped up in industrial pallet wrap. We had the idea for a kind of X Flies type effect with loads of light literally 'streaming' through the woods but we really had no idea whether this would work or not so it's nice to record of such a weird set up!

The Humour

The Humour at Brudenell Social Club. Often set up a make-shift studio at Brudenell the very kindly owners Nathan and Pat have always been very supportive of me and my work and being able to use Brudenell as a space was invaluable especially when I was starting out.

Cafe Adam

Cafe Adam at Leeds College of Art And Design, Vernon Street. I don't think this studio exists anymore as the photography department moved somewhere else. I always regret not making more use of the facilities available to me when I was at college! If your a student now I'd honestly urge you to make full use of everything you have access to! You'll miss it when its gone!

Japanese Fighting Fish

Japanese Fighting Fish at the abandoned Leeds International Swimming Pool. Now I know this is definitely gone! It was flattened about a month after we shot these. Absolutely fantastic location, it was not easy getting in here - but worth it. Turned out to be more of an adventure than we'd bargained for, as we shot inside the swimming pool all our cars were broken into outside. The Police turned up and weren't very happy about us having been inside the pool, but by being honest and apologetic we narrowly avoided being arrested ourselves!

The 30 Minute Skiffle Hour

Another lovely location... All be it a much more relaxing one! The 30 Minute Skiffle Hour, setting up for a shoot on my friend Camille's parent's porch in Ilkley, lot's of fun shooting this.

Heads We Dance

Head We Dance. With some lighting assisting from Brendan Docherty. This was a warm summer evening just around the corner from my house in Meanwood, Leeds.

Little Boots

And finally, another make-shift studio set up, this time Little Boots, relaxing with a cup of tea post shoot at The Faversham, didn't have very long to do this one but it worked out fine in the end. So there we have it, a slightly different view from a few shoots!

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