NME Awards!!!

11 February 11

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We're quickly coming up to the NME Awards 2011 and I'm super excited about going down to shoot it - with this in mind I thought I'd dig out some of my faves from last years awards and do a bit of a photoblog...


So Brixton Academy. This is where it all takes place! I remember being dead excited catching the tube down to Brixton in the afternoon with Danny North.

Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh. One of the first lots of people to arrive down the red carpet. I was super excited to speak to Rich Fulcher, he is a true comedy genius!


The Specials! Got to thank Terri Hall for this one, she managed to collar them all to pose for this super quick snap!


It's only bloody Slash! What a jolly man - like the Santa Claus of Rock 'n' Roll.

Red Carpet

After getting in (and past me!) all the red carpet arrivals had to go down the gauntlet of the press run. Lots of shouting. Lots of Showing off. 

Shane McGowen

Yes... erm... three. Shane McGowen. Haven't a fucking clue what he was on about but he seemed like a very friendly chap!


Very flustered looking Courtney who'd just been caught in the pissing rain on arriving. Her personal body guard chap behind her, who is easily one of the largest men I have ever seen! Also think this might be NME's intrepid news reporter Matt Wilko's hand and nose here - trying to get a Courtney quote. Matt was my saviour on the red carpet - he was able to point out who was in Skins and explain to me what a Ke $ha was!?!


Matt and Dom Muse. The polite guys of stadium rock.



Keith L



Agnes Dean posing for the Paps on the way in.


Damon Albarn getting mobbed by very suspicious looking autograph hunters. Ebay here we come.


Bernard Sumner!

Bobby G

Bobby Gillespie and designer Pam Hogg.


Very laid back Biffy.


Jarvis Cocker presented the 2010 awards.


See who you can pick out in here... It's like Where's Wally but with Paul Weller and such like. 

Big Pink

Big Pink getting up to receive their award for Dominos being the biggest tune in the world ever in '10 or some such thing.

Keith L stage

Keith Lemon knobing around on stage. 

Boosh Award

The Mighty Boosh getting up to collect the award for best live comedy show I think? During the acceptance speech Rich Fulcher declared "I hate white people" much to everyone's confusion. Lovely stuff. Looking forward to doing it all again. 

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