Vox Warehouse // Eiger Studios

17 October 10

Posted at 11:02


Had a sneaky peek around a brand new Leeds venue tonight, Ryan the owner had pretty much freshly finished the final touches of the building this afternoon. Looks stunning and I've heard that there’s some fairly exciting music and events coming up, not sure if I'm allowed to spill about them yet, but I'm excited. The building is adjacent to Eiger Studios and is being opened by the same chaps who run that. Eiger has its own smaller gig room, in which I shot the Xbox Reverb gig with Pulled Apart By Horses last year (pic posted below!) which was immense, I'm looking forward to some fun times in the new venue. Anyway I wish them the best of luck for the opening night, which is on the 30th October, so if you’re from Leeds keep you eyes peeled...



Tom Martin | Photographer | Blog | Vox Warehouse // Eiger Studios
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