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27 December 10

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Just noticed that my Goldfrapp image from V this year has been included in the NME list of most stunning images of the year. Check out the gallery which includes some ace shots from my NME colleagues and good buddies like Danny North, Richard Johnson, Tom Oxley, Andy Whit, Andy Wilsh, Emilie Bailey, Dan Dennison and lots of others. Gallery HERE.

Anyway prompted by this I've picked out a few more of my more aesthetically pleasing shots that I've submitted to NME this year...


Flaming Lips / Off Festival / Poland

NME Journo Rob Webb and myself were having a tough old time at this Polish Festival; nothing seemed to be going our way. I remember shortly before I took this shot I’d been punched by an over zealous Polish security guard for not leaving the photo-pit quick enough (!) and was just about to give up and leave but we stuck around for the Flaming Lips. Shortly before they went on they invited myself Rob and his girlfriend Fliss, photographer Helen Boast and Pulled Apart By Horses all up on stage with them, suddenly all these balloons started falling and I felt like I was about 6 years old. We all had amazing fun and forgot all about our troubles!


Flare / Kendal Calling / Cumbria

Halfway though Calvin Harris’s headline set I looked out on the crowd just as this chap set off a flare that lit up the whole crowd. I love this shot, Kendal Calling was my favourite festival of 2010 and this is a lovely reminder of it.


Les Savy Fav / Constellations Festival / Leeds

Such a great lively image, shot in my hometown. Lots of my friends were in the crowd for this gig so it’s nice to have.


Rage Against The Machine / Download / Donington Park

I knew I wanted this shot as soon as I saw the flag. I just had to stand in the middle of the pit and stick it out whilst all the other photographers ran around me. Got it in the end though so it was worth it!

Angelos Epithemiou

Angelos Epithemiou / Leeds Festival 2010

I had to shoot a little feature which involved Angelos comparing the food from five different burger vans around the site. Unfortunately for us Angelos had just performed to a completely packed out tent about ten minutes before so we got completely mobbed as soon as we entered the arena. Zoe and Patricia from the NME picture desk had to try and fight the crowds off whilst I tried to get the shots. Pat also had a big girly crush on Angelos so we enjoyed taking the piss out of her for that too, sorry Patricia!

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