Best Coast // NME

08 December 10

Posted at 2:29

Best Coast

Went to shoot Best Coast in Manchester for NME (Out today!!!) last week. During the set the singer said she wanted to go back to California to see her cat, which reminded me that I had to get home to see my cat! It was the first night of the snow and the drive across the M62 was hellish on the way home! Manchester didn't seem to have any snow at all, but once I was half way across the motorway things started to get really foggy - couldn't see meters in front of the car! By the time I was back in Leeds the snow was ridiculous, I was very, very, nearly home and the car started sliding and the man behind me (who was driving far to close!) couldn't stop and crashed into the back of me! Dink!! Oh well, got in eventually and did my edit next to the fire with Smidge the cat, the photomographs were ok in the end which I guess is the important thing!!!

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